1. Introduction
  2. NBK Online : services and registration
  3. Joint accounts
  4. Security procedures
  5. Software and logo : restrictions
  6. Your liability for losses
  7. NBKL obligations
  8. Service hours and support
  9. The agreement : modifications
  10. The agreement : duration and termination
  11. The agreement : language used
  12. The agreement: Governing Law
  13. Complaints
  14. NBKL Service Provider Information

Note that this document does not refer to or give details of all the NBK Online screens used to show account information and set up transactions but only provides you with the essentials. You might like to familiarise yourself with the screens and their purpose: the service and the screens are intended to be easy to use.


(1) Introduction

This document constitutes a guide to apply for NBK ONLINE banking service (NBK Online) provided by National Bank of Kuwait (Lebanon) Sal.

NBK Online is available to NBKL personal customers ONLY, using a computer or mobile telephone (i) to view their account details and transactions (ii) to send some requests such as to issue a checkbook, a certificate of balance etc...

The term personal customers means natural persons acting in their own name whether for private purposes or for business purposes i.e. the pursuit of a trade, occupation or profession.

NBK Online is available to corporate customers but only to view company accounts.

The guide includes practical instructions which you must observe, and other recommendations about how to use the service: if you do not comply with the instructions you may incur (or become liable for) a loss and not following the recommendations may also expose you to a loss.

  1. Charges

    The NBK Online service is provided free of charge.

    Bank charges will apply to all instructions effected by way of NBK Online as set in the Bank's Charges and Commissions list.

    Your internet service provider may charge you for accessing NBK Online.

  2. Interest rates

    Please ask your account officer or enquire at the NBKL branch for the interest rates payable on NBKL deposit accounts (and minimum balance requirements).

    The rate of interest payable on time deposits or loan accounts will be (or will be determined on the basis) notified when the account is opened.


  1. Banking services available Online

    You can use NBK Online to:

    • view any of your deposit and loan accounts and current balance information (account activity information will normally be updated at regular intervals)
    • view transactions over your accounts going back one year
    • view status of checks issued by you on your accounts held with NBKL
    • transfer between your accounts at NBKL
    • change your NBK Online password
  2. Accessing the services

    To register for and use NBK Online personal customers must :

    • Have access to a computer equipped with a modem and supported browser (plus effective security software) and internet access, or a suitable mobile telephone
    • Visit one of NBKL branches to sign an application form and activate your ID and password: you must provide the branch staff with a valid passport or other acceptable identification (e.g. your Civil ID card, national ID card).
    • Your password will be delivered to you the next business day in a sealed PIN Mailer.

    We may need to retain a copy of the documents provided for identification purposes.

  3. Corporate customers

    Different registration and activation procedures apply for NBK Online corporate customers and these will help to ensure that access is restricted to the authorized personnel nominated by the company. Please ask the bank for details.


Any joint account (&/or) or (&) holder (participant) may register for NBK Online.

Both should sign on the application forms.

The ID and passwords will be entirely for use by, and the responsibility of, each nominated user individually.


You agree that :

You are solely responsible for complying with the security and operational instructions set out in this document and for ensuring that the requirements and recommendations specified in this document are observed at all times.

Your obligations are as follows :

  1. Protecting your ID and passwords

    You are responsible for protecting your ID and passwords (and any other access security codes); you must keep your ID and passwords secret at all times.

    Failure to protect your ID and passwords may allow unauthorized persons to access your personal and banking information and to make payments from your account.

    You are entirely responsible and liable for any consequences which occur as the result of disclosing to another person, or failing to take all reasonable steps to keep secret, your ID or passwords.

    Therefore and so far as possible you must not disclose your ID or passwords to anyone else whatsoever (including the police). In order to help you, we may need to ask you to tell us your ID but you must never tell us your passwords.

    You must take action to disable your ID or change your password immediately and notify us as quickly as possible if you know or suspect that either your ID or password may have become known to or used by an unauthorized person, or if we ask you to, the procedures to do this are set out in more detail further on.

    You must not write down your ID or passwords, and if we need to provide you with a new ID or password you must destroy the security printed letter e.g. by shredding it.

    You will be liable for any losses which come about as the result of not following these instructions.

    Companies using NBK Online must comply with these instructions but will also need effective internal procedures to ensure authorized use. We shall have no liability (to any party) arising from the absence of such procedures.

  2. About your login ID and password : registration

    You will have to visit any of NBKL branches to sign an application form.

    The ID will be the same as your account ID (six numbers). The password may be any combination of minimum six alphanumeric characters (alpha characters + at least three numbers).

    The password must be different and completely new, and not anything that you have ever used before for NBK Online or for any other Online service; it must be abstract and not anything too obvious (such as your date of birth).

    You can reset your password using the Change Password screen. You must enter your old password before entering and confirming the new password.

    If you forget your ID (or are locked out after three consecutive failed attempts) you must visit the branch to sign a request form requesting a replacement password.

    The next day, the branch will deliver to you a security printed mailer enclosing a replacement password, with an acknowledgment receipt for you to sign; you will be required to change the replacement password to a new password of your own, different from previous ones.

  3. Your Matrix Card

    An additional security tool, Matrix card, will be granted to you to be used with the user ID and password. Same protection of your Matrix Card as your password will be requested from you.

    Your Matrix Card will be delivered to you by your branch one day after you receive your PIN Mailer.

    In case your Matrix Card is lost or stolen, you need to refer to your branch in order to issue another card.

  4. Unauthorized use

    The unauthorized use of your NBK Online service could cause you to lose the secrecy on your accounts.

    If you inform someone of your ID and passwords you are authorizing that person to use the service and you are responsible for all actions which the person performs while using the service.

    All transactions performed by authorized persons, including transactions which you did not intend or which are fraudulent, are transactions for which you are liable.

    If you know (or suspect) that an unauthorized person knows your ID or password or has tried to access your account(s) you must change your password and take action to disable your ID immediately.

    You must also notify us as quickly as possible using the contact details provided.

    If you have not already done so yourself, we shall then disable your ID as quickly as practicable but (having made every reasonable effort) we shall not be liable for any transactions processed in the meantime which cannot be cancelled or recalled.

    The best way to minimize any loss to you is to telephone the bank immediately; it may then be necessary to report the facts to the police for further investigation.

    You will need to assist us (and the police if necessary) in any investigation into actual or suspected misuse of your ID or password.

    If we have reason to suspect that your ID or password are being used without authorization, or that you have failed to observe the security requirements of this agreement, we may suspend your access to NBK Online.

    We can advise you by telephone or at the branch about the procedure for reactivating your access to NBK Online.

    Where you have authorized another person to access NBK Online but you wish to cancel their authorization you must contact us to disable their access and to reactivate your own access with appropriate security.

  5. Reporting unauthorized use or compromised passwords

    You must make every reasonable effort to inform NBKL immediately about any NBK Online access or transaction which you have not authorized.

    You must also make every reasonable effort to inform NBKL immediately if either :

    • you know that your ID or password have been compromised or that an unauthorized person has tried to access your account or
    • you have reason to suspect that your ID or password may have been compromised.

    This includes the case where (disregarding our instructions) you have written down or kept a record of your ID or password and this information has been lost or stolen, or you believe that it may have been seen or copied by another person.

    NBKL will not request from you any NBK Online information, or banking or other personal data, except in the circumstances envisaged by this document.

    If you are contacted by anyone requesting such information please do not respond but inform NBKL immediately.

  6. Personal computer (PC) security

    Online banking is secure provided that you take care. Failure to comply with the following instructions could result in losses for which NBKL will not be liable.

    • Observe all security procedures recommended by the suppliers of the PC (or mobile telephone with internet access) which you use for NBK Online access.
    • Maintain the security of your PC or mobile telephone by using up to date anti virus and anti spyware software and also your own firewall and security patches
    • Always access NBK Online directly by using the website address and not by any link.
    • Never access NBK Online from a PC connected to a local area network (LAN) or from a public internet facility which might not provide full security, and never enter your password on software which saves it automatically for future use.
    • Make sure that no one else can see your ID or passwords when you are using them.
    • Once you have logged on do not leave the PC or mobile telephone unattended (or let anyone else use it) until you have logged off.
    • Log off after every NBK Online session (the screen will indicate that you have logged off successfully) and then close your browser to ensure confidentiality.
    • If there is no activity for more than fifteen minutes during a session you will see a message (SESSION EXPIRED!) and the system will automatically close down. You will then have to log on again and enter your password to resume.
    • Keep your ID and passwords completely secret. We shall never ask you for these and the passwords are not accessible to our staff.
    • We are not obliged to monitor your compliance with these recommendations.
  7. Scams

    You should be very careful about any incoming e-mail which might ask for personal or account information; ignore it unless you know the sender and the business.

    However it could be helpful to the bank if you copied any such material across to ourselves so that we could see if there is any linkage to NBK Online and any potential security problem.

    You should also be careful about opening incoming e-mails from senders unknown to you and do not open any e-mail attachments if you have any doubts.

  8. Internet access : equipment

    Recommended browsers and minimum requirements for using NBK Online :

    BrowsersPC Windows, XP or VISTAMAC OS 9 and OS 10
    Microsoft Internet Explorer6.0 and higher 5.0 and higher
    Cookie SupportRequiredRequired
    JavaScript SupportRequiredRequired

    You must ensure that you have up to date and effective anti virus and anti spyware software in place and operational at all times. Remember to close down your browser when leaving the PC or mobile telephone unattended.

    You are responsible for compliance with any laws or regulations applying to, or restricting, use of the service from locations outside Lebanon.


If you act without reasonable care and this causes a loss to any party you will be responsible (and liable). This will apply if you do not comply with the instructions and recommendations set out in this agreement.

You must not use the NBK Online service for any unlawful or improper purpose. If you act fraudulently you will be responsible (and liable) for all resulting losses on your account and for any other loss (direct or indirect) incurred by any party.


  1. Liability

    Unless proved culpable or negligent or otherwise in breach of the service standards indicated in this document NBKL shall have no liability to the customer or any third party from any matter arising in connection with NBK Online.

    NBKL will make every reasonable effort to ensure that NBK Online systems and processes are operational and reliable and that (within proportionate limits) the risk of a malfunction which might result in detriment to the customer is minimised.

    Please note that we may need to withdraw the NBK Online service temporarily for necessary maintenance: NBKL shall not be liable for any unforeseeable loss arising, or any loss caused by other circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

  2. Protection of confidential information

    In respect of the information provided by you in connection with NBK Online and your account details and transactions NBKL will :

    • only ask for necessary information
    • keep this information confidential as required by law
    • update your information promptly for any changes advised
    • maintain secure and reliable data management and payment systems
    • not retain your information for any longer than is necessary.

    Please ask the bank at any time if you would like to check any of your personal information held in connection with NBK Online.

  3. Disclosing account information

    We shall only disclose to third parties information regarding your account or your transactions in the following circumstances :

    • when this is necessary and normal for processing payments, or to investigate or resolve a problem relating to a payment or transfer
    • when mandatory to comply with applicable laws or regulations
    • if you give us specific written permission
    • where necessary to limit the effect of actual or suspected misuse.

    The information disclosed will be the minimum required by the circumstances in each case and wherever possible your confidentiality will be preserved.

  4. Account information

    We shall apply every reasonable effort to ensure that the account activity information available from NBK Online is reliable (accurate and up to date).

    Your regular account statements will include an adequate description of all your NBK Online transactions.


NBK Online is available continuously, except during necessary system maintenance and upgrades: when these occur a message will be displayed when you log on.

NBK Online Lebanon customers needing assistance can call their account officer (using their direct line) or by using the switchboard number of the related branch.

  • Head Office / Sanayeh Branch: 00961 1 759700
  • Chiah Branch : 00961 1 270176/8
  • Dora Branch: 00961 1 899530/1/2/3
  • Ashrafieh Branch: 00961 1 321704 ? 00961 1 201680
  • Jounieh Branch: 00961 9 639951/1/2/3
  • Bhamdoun Branch: 00961 5 260100/1/3

Alternatively they may :

  • visit any NBKL branch
  • e-mail the bank at : info@nbk.com.lb
  • send the bank a facsimile on 00961 1 747866

Account officers are normally available to help you from 8:30 a.m. to 13:30 p.m. on bank business days (which are Monday through Friday, excluding local public holidays) and to 12:00pm on Saturdays.

In order to ensure a positive identification our support staff will have to ask you a few questions before proceeding with your enquiry.

For security reasons please provide only the minimum information necessary for our staff to handle your enquiry efficiently.


NBKL may modify any of the provisions of this agreement for any valid reason at any time by adding, deleting or amending terms and conditions or the services provided.

A valid reason for making modifications would include an improvement in operational efficiency or an additional banking service: all modifications will be consistent with the fair treatment of customers and we shall explain why we are making changes.

Amendments to the provisions of the agreement will be alerted when you log on and will be included in the agreement available from NBK Online at that time: by continuing to use the NBK Online service after the effective date of a modification you confirm your agreement to and acceptance of the modification.

We shall not make any changes by which you might consider yourself disadvantaged, except where required to do so by law or where urgent action is imperative in order to prevent undue financial loss or other harm either to ourselves or to others.

The NBK Online screens and operating procedures in use shall prevail in the event of any inconsistency with this agreement.


Your NBK Online registration shall remain in effect until terminated either by you or by NBKL in accordance with the terms of this agreement.

To terminate your registration you must ask the bank to do this and confirm your request in writing.

You have the right to terminate your registration at any time. If you terminate the registration you may reapply to use the service subsequently.

Terminating the registration will not have the effect of cancelling payments or transfers still being processed or of recovering transaction charges already incurred.

In practice you can suspend your NBK Online registration by disabling your ID (or cancel access to NBK Online services by disabling your password or Transaction Password) by making three unsuccessful access attempts.

If you disable your ID you will have to visit the branch to ask for reactivation of your ID.

NBKL may terminate your NBK Online agreement at any time, either having provided you with reasonable notice or immediately if the bank has a valid reason and also informs you promptly.

All the provisions of this agreement will continue in full force and effect after termination in respect of any matter connected with the agreement which has not been completed or resolved at termination. Any obligations and liabilities incurred by either party prior to termination shall survive the termination for all purposes.


This agreement and all related communications issued by the bank are expressed in the English language.


This agreement shall be governed by the laws of Lebanon and any dispute relating to it shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Lebanese courts.


Customer complaints about the NBK Online service, Mobile banking or any other services offered by the bank can be received through various communication means including the Bank’s Website, electronically, manually, etc. All branches shall have a suggestion and complaint box supplied with official complaint forms. The complaint boxes will be located in public areas that are easily accessible and visible to customers. Customer may write and provide his complaint form in the box independently. The Customer Protection Unit shall receive and categorize complaints and delegate the complaint to the concerned area(s) (IT, Legal/ Compliance departments ...etc.)

Severity of a complaint shall be determined by the Customer Protection Unit in reference to the criteria set with the GM and should be escalated as deemed necessary. A severe complaint shall involve issues such as potential breach of law, fraud cases, regulatory violation, involvement of media, unauthorized data. The Customer Protection Unit shall acknowledge receipt of the complaint and provide the customer with relevant details related to handling the complaint including the process and handling time, within a period of three (3) business days following the date that the Bank receives the customer complaint. The complaint process shall be tracked and closed upon proper communication with the customer and confirmation on providing an efficient solution to regain the customer satisfaction.


Name : National Bank of Kuwait (Lebanon) SAL
Main business : banking

Registered office and business address :

National Bank of Kuwait (Lebanon) Sal
P.O.Box 11-5727 Riad El Solh- Beirut 1107-2200 Lebanon
BAC Center - Justinian Street
Sanayeh - Beirut

NBKL main telephone number : 00961 1 759700
NBKL facsimile number : 00961 1 747866
e-mail address : info@nbk.com.lb